filmmakersPamela Cohen (Producer/Director) has been producing social issue and educational documentaries for the past 25 years. Other films include In the Name of Democracy (1984), and Hope Street (1994). She currently teaches media arts and visual arts in Los Angeles.

Monona Wali (Director/Editor) is a writer and teacher living in Los Angeles.

Catherine Ryan (Producer) has been producing, directing and editing awarding-winning documentaries for over 20 years. In addition to Maria’s Story her other films include: Soldiers of Conscience (2009) and The Double Life of Ernesto Gómez Gómez (1999). San Francisco-based Ryan has also produced and directed documentaries for primetime network TV, including  The Story of Mothers & Daughters (1997, ABC), The Story of Fathers & Sons (1999, ABC) and Teens (2000, WB) through her production company, Luna Productions.


“Documentary at its most illuminating and succinct”
–Los Angeles Times

“As the camera jiggles and the bullets fly one comes as close to combat as one will ever get in the movie theater.”
–San Francisco Examiner

“An emotionally powerful film which communicates from the heart.”
–San Francisco Bay Times